Imagine a world where you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite music, block out the distractions of the outside world, and even breathe in purified air while you listen. That world is now a reality with the revolutionary Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones. Built with cutting-edge technology, these headphones not only deliver exceptional audio quality but also feature an intelligent noise cancellation system, comfortable design, and even a contact-free visor that purifies the air around you. With the added convenience of the MyDyson app, you have full control over your listening experience. Say goodbye to distractions and say hello to a new level of audio indulgence with the Dyson Zone™ headphones.

Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones

Discover more about the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones.

Why Consider This Product?

If you’re in the market for high-quality noise-cancelling headphones that deliver a truly immersive audio experience, then the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones are worth considering. These headphones combine advanced noise cancellation technology with intelligent signal processing to ensure you experience realistic, detailed audio like never before. Don’t just take our word for it, the product is backed by scientific research and evidence, along with positive customer testimonials that vouch for its effectiveness.

Certifications and endorsements only add to the credibility of the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones. With eight active noise-cancelling microphones constantly monitoring external noise, along with two additional microphones for telephony and transparency systems, these headphones provide an unparalleled listening experience. The full audio spectrum and optimized frequency curve guarantee absolute clarity in bass, mids, and highs, allowing you to enjoy your music the way it was intended to be heard.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Noise Cancellation

Immerse yourself in pure Dyson audio with the advanced noise cancellation feature. The eight active noise-cancelling microphones work together to monitor the surrounding noise and block out any distractions. This ensures that you can focus on your music or calls without any interruptions.

Enhanced Comfort

The Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones are designed with ergonomic engineering and ear cup geometry to provide a comfortable fit. The micro-suede cushions are soft against your ears and ensure that you can wear the headphones for hours on end without any discomfort.

Air Purification

Not only do these headphones deliver exceptional audio quality, but they also feature a contact-free visor that delivers purified air. With electrostatic filters capturing 99% of ultrafine particles and activated carbon filters reducing odors and absorbing fumes, you can breathe easy knowing that the air you’re inhaling is clean and fresh.

MyDyson App Integration

Track your air quality, adjust EQ levels, and monitor battery and filter life all through the MyDyson app. This seamless integration allows you to have complete control over your listening experience and ensure that your headphones are performing at their best.

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Product Quality

Dyson is known for its commitment to quality, and the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones are no exception. From the advanced noise cancellation technology to the superior audio quality, every aspect of these headphones is crafted with precision and attention to detail. Dyson’s dedication to creating a more authentic audio experience is reflected in the unique EQ setting that optimizes the frequency curve, delivering lifelike sound reproduction.

What It’s Used For

Immersive Music Experience

Whether you’re relaxing at home or on the go, the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones provide an immersive music experience. The broad frequency range ensures that you can hear every note, while the noise cancellation feature blocks out any background noise, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite tunes.

Clear Phone Calls

With two additional microphones for telephony, these headphones are perfect for making clear phone calls. The noise cancellation technology ensures that your voice is crystal clear, even in noisy environments. Say goodbye to missed calls and poor call quality.

Air Purification on the Go

The contact-free visor on the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones delivers purified air directly to your nose and mouth without touching your face. This is especially useful for those who are conscious of the air quality around them, whether it’s in crowded spaces, public transportation, or outdoor environments with increased pollution.

Customizable Audio Experience

With the MyDyson app, you can personalize your audio experience by adjusting the EQ levels to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a bass-heavy sound or a more balanced audio profile, the app allows you to fine-tune the headphones to your liking.

Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones

Product Specifications

Specifications Details
Battery Life Up to 50 hours with audio noise cancelling or up to 4 hours of purification
Filters Electrostatic filters capture 99% of ultrafine particles. Activated carbon filters absorb fumes such as nitrogen dioxide and reduce odors
Connectivity Wireless Bluetooth connectivity for a seamless listening experience
Compatibility Works with both iOS and Android devices
Weight Lightweight design for comfortable wear
Warranty Comes with a standard one-year warranty

Who Needs This

The Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for anyone who values high-quality audio and wants to eliminate distractions from their environment. Whether you’re a music lover, frequent traveler, or someone who just wants to enjoy crystal clear phone calls, these headphones are tailored to meet your needs. Additionally, if you’re concerned about the air quality around you and want a contact-free solution, the air purification feature is an added bonus.

Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones

Pros and Cons




  1. Are the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones compatible with both iOS and Android devices? Yes, these headphones are compatible with both iOS and Android devices, ensuring that you can enjoy a seamless listening experience regardless of your device.

  2. Can I adjust the EQ levels on the headphones? Yes, you can adjust the EQ levels to customize your audio experience according to your preferences. The MyDyson app allows you to fine-tune the headphones to suit your liking.

  3. How long does the battery last on these headphones? The battery life of the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones is up to 50 hours when using audio noise cancelling and up to 4 hours when using the air purification feature.

  4. Can I make phone calls using these headphones? Yes, these headphones are equipped with two additional microphones for telephony, ensuring clear and uninterrupted phone calls even in noisy environments.

Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones have been extremely satisfied with their performance. Many have praised the exceptional noise cancellation and audio quality, while others have found the air purification feature to be a unique and valuable addition. The comfort and usability of the headphones, along with the seamless integration with the MyDyson app, have also received positive feedback from customers.

Overall Value

The Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones offer a premium audio experience coupled with the added benefit of air purification. While they may come at a higher price point compared to other noise-cancelling headphones, the superior quality and performance justify the investment. The comfort, sound clarity, and customizable features make these headphones a valuable addition to your audio and air quality arsenal.

Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  1. Ensure that you properly charge the headphones before use to maximize battery life.
  2. Experiment with the EQ levels in the MyDyson app to find the audio profile that suits your preferences.
  3. Regularly clean and replace the filters to maintain optimal air purification performance.
  4. Take advantage of the noise cancellation feature to create a distraction-free environment during your listening sessions.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones provide an exceptional audio experience coupled with advanced noise cancellation technology. With an ergonomic design and comfortable fit, these headphones are perfect for extended use. The added air purification feature sets them apart from traditional headphones, ensuring that you can enjoy clean and fresh air while immersed in your favorite music or calls. Control and customization are at your fingertips through the MyDyson app, allowing you to personalize your listening experience.

Final Recommendation

If you’re looking for noise-cancelling headphones that deliver both outstanding audio quality and air purification, the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones are an excellent choice. Their superior noise cancellation technology, comfort, and customizable features make them a worthwhile investment for anyone who values exceptional sound reproduction and pristine air quality. Upgrade your audio experience and breathe easy with the Dyson Zone™ noise-cancelling headphones.

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